About Appella

The world of technology is a fast one and our passion lies in keeping up with it! As consumers increasingly capture the world through the lens of technology, Appella understand the importance of giving your traditional business model a digital skin. We are a mobile development company, dedicated to providing your brand (big or small) with a digital extension so that you can capitalise on every single opportunity to engage with your customers or employees.  Using the latest advancements in technology, Apella provide app development and project management services to ensure that your company gets a head start in the race for digital domination! We specialise in corporate apps, iBeacon enabled apps, installation and site work, and are now working with gadgets that are part of the ‘Internet of Things’ movement such as ‘Nearables’ (tiny, low-energy beacons) and ‘Wearables’ (watches and bands). If we lost your attention with that last sentence (and you didn’t even know that was a movement), here are three words that will bring it back: Maximum. Consumer. Engagement.  Our highly creative team are constantly on the lookout for the newest, most innovative gadgets and we keep our gaze fixed firmly on the future so that yours can remain on your business and what you do best!

Our specialisations

Apple development
Specialists in iBeacons
Corporate Apps
Android & Windows Development
Apple Watch applications
Payment solutions & Apple Pay
API Creation for mobile apps
Ui / UX design for mobile apps
Apple desktop applications