We were very excited to be one of the first companies in the UK to get our hands on these little beauties. We have been playing with them since the start of 2015. We think these things are pretty damn cool – but what are they you may ask ?

These little things are about the size of a 50pence coin and as thick as about jiffy bag. Inside  there is a bluetooth transmitter and a motion sensor. These are called Nearables and they are the newest addition of the ‘Internet of things’.

There are endless use cases for these ‘Nearables’ . One test that I did do was stick a Nearable on each chair in our dining room (table). I programmed each chair to have a number on a backend database,  then when I sat on a chair my iPhone told me which chair number I was sitting on. This is location based awareness on a different level, because it was so accurate to which chair I sat on. I can see a brilliant use case for this – for restaurants for example.

Another test was I stuck a ‘Nearable’ on a can of beer in my fridge and when my phone was near the fridge it told me how cold my beer was.

Another thing I seen was that you can place one on a dog collar and then you can find out how far your dog has walked and if he needs a drink.

If you need a chat about ‘Nearables’ and Beacon technology, then we have plenty of these things in stock and we can help you in providing exciting location based apps.

For more information on iBeacons and Nearables then go to


Cheers for now, Jason.


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