Developing Corporate Apps, whats the big deal ?

Say you have a quite a sizeable business, with dozen salespeople on the road – that are selling your wares. As a sales manager you have all the tools nowadays to make there day much more successful – the Smartphone. We at Appella create Corporate apps and in this blog I am going to explain some things we have encountered and great ways that Corporate Apps work.

Firstly you don’t want your app to be in any app store, as you don’t want the public downloading your app. So we will distribute , manage your app and mobile phone estate in house. We can also provide ‘over the air’ updates to your app.

I was involved in developing a Corporate app a while ago. This company delivered and installed parts into huge drilling machines in quarries. These guys also did surveys on the machinery. One problem they had was that when the engineers did the survey they didn’t really get a signal on their waterproof dust-proof laptops very often so they had to send it when they got home – if they remembered.

So we suggested creating an corporate app, that we managed for them on behalf of their engineers. So they didn’t have to take a huge chunky laptop down a quarry, just there normal smartphone. When the survey was completed on the piece of machinery – the app would try to send the document off to HQ on regular intervals – so the engineer didn’t forget. Also the app suggested when the signal strength was high that it would send off the document.

The engineers could also order parts from the app as well, so when they are buried deep in a machine, they could easy order a part.

Like with the sales manager at the top of this blog. He/She could navigate there sales staff around from the GPS transmitter in their smartphones. Had an urgent sales lead ?? You could find the nearest sales person and direct them to that sale..

Window fitters, builders, sales people, car mechanics – no end to the corporate app world , is it time for your business to embrace it ?

We all need help in business and if you feel that a corporate app could do the trick, then come and see us.. We have experience in Corporate Licensing of apps, distribution and ‘over-air’ updates.


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