HTML vs Native Apps – Our View

After a few discussions with potential clients about the differences , I thought I would right a small blog post about it.

1. Native – Swift / Java

Native means that the app is written in its ‘mother tongue’ , so an Apple iOS app is written in Swift (it was Objective-C, but Appella uses the new program language – firstly because its awesome ,secondly its brand new (just about 1 year old) and thirdly all Apple upgrades will be in Swift. Android will be written in Java again the ‘mother tongue’.

2. Non Native – HTML5 / CSS3

This means the developer will use Web Technologies to write the app, and one build (will just about) be compatible with all platforms. So one build will be compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc.. So there is a much quicker route to a finished product.

So you will be thinking Non Native is best , as its quicker and therefore cheaper ?? Yep we agree, but not completely….

If you want a ‘brochure’ kinda app , which will show you a menu and maybe a booking form on an app – yep Non Native is the best way, and we at Appella can get a lovely looking cross platform app submitted pretty damn quick, and if you want it submitting with your own brand on the app stores add an extra £100 pounds to the bill and you’ll be up and running.

If you have thought of a brilliant app with iBeacons and complex back end databases, and all the bells and whistles – then two apps will be required one in Swift and one in Java. This is the native route..

I was talking to a customer a few weeks ago and he shown me an competitors app, and it was very sluggish on Android , it just wasn’t responsive enough and it took ages to get the map running. I thought if I downloaded this app, it would be removed straight the way. I then downloaded it on Apple and to be fair it was a little better but it just didn’t feel the way an app should on iOS. This app was a bit more than a ‘brochure’ and it was written in a Non Native way. So what I am trying to say is that – you want a flashy app that runs great and you want it to be the best value possible but if your customers are not using it and they are using your competitors app instead then whats the point ?? The app stores are very competitive at the best of times.

If I am writing an app for business then its Native, if its an app for a retail establishment using iBeacons then its Native, but if its a showing a restaurants menu then Non Native is perfectly excellent.

So when we quote for your next award winning app then we will discuss the pros and cons of both and not just quote you a small figure for Non Native and be done with it.

Until next time, cheers Jason.


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