Ok, who is actually Appella ?

We are a small start up from Leicestershire in England. We are a team of 3 super determined and technical people, We have about 30 years experience all together in development, design and what works and what doesn’t..

I have been working in development and technical IT for blue chips and corporates around the world for most of my career. So if you are in the corporate world and wanna talk apps / development , then come and talk to me. You may what to expand your e-commerce footprint or you may want an app for your company to help with your processes.

We have also been involved in Startups in the incubation stage. So when you think of this amazing idea for an app and you don’t know where to start to get it developed and also you need help on the funding side of things then we have contacts to help you.

If you require a beautiful UI/UX designed app, then we have a top designer on our team who will work with you till you are happy with the design. You will also have the chance to see the design on a mobile device, before development begins – come and speak to us.

When you have had your App developed by us, we don’t stop there. We can help you by providing you with Analytics and other best practices to get people to download your app. We can also track what people are doing on your app. Also if you want any new additions to your app, or you want to make it compatible with the Apple Watch (for example), we can adapt. As your Apps are written using best practice models (MVC) and also written in the newest ways then upgrade and compatibility is not an issue.

The best bit is that we are local, we can come over to see you or you can come to our office for a cuppa. As we are based in Leicester everywhere in the UK is pretty local (we can get to Leeds and London in just over an hour). So there is no reason why you don’t just give us a ring and have a chat.


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Appella App DevLocated at
12 Sidney Road Leicester ,Leicester,Leicestershire.
Phone: 0116 212 2310www.appellaappdev.com