Architecture project

Our steps to successful and cost effective app development

We think that finding the right app development company to do you next award winning App is a complex process. Hopefully this blog post will help you to find out what the journey entails if you choose Appella to do your development.

1. Initial conversation via online or face to face, so we can get to grips in what you want to achieve

  • a. Outline of the project
  • b. Time frames
  • c. External data sources, databases , API’s
  • d. Design discussion – what type of design for User interface etc.

2. When all that goes to plan and we are both happy to proceed then we will get started with the UI/UX and code writing, when the UI/UX is done we will provide you with a demo app. The demo app will show the UI/UX design. You will be able to switch between screens but no functionality with be provided.

3. When this is done and both parties are happy, we will finish off by creating the code and putting the app together. When this is done then we will provide you with a fully functional app that we can test, or you can test or we can get external testers to test it (if need be).

4. When you are satisfied with the UI/UX, the coding and the testing then we will get the app ready for store approval.

5. We will be then on hand to help you, add new functionality, and add extensions for Apple Watch for example.

Jason Hough