WWDC 2015 – What we would like to see


The WWDC is coming to a mac screen near you on the 8th June. I applied for some tickets to go but nothing yet – come on Apple!!

The hype is about Apple TV, are they going to open it up to developers ? I can think of so many ideas. Apple have been trying for years to get into TV, and so far to be honest they have made an average attempt in doing it. Recently when I went to my local Apple Store (Highcross , Leicester), they have gone down in price again. Lets see a revamp and something we can develop against – can they compete with Virgin Media TiVo ?

I think they need to revamp the monitors too – I have had my monitor since 2012 , and its looking and acting a bit dated now.

Also they need to open up the Apple Watch, so we can develop against it.  At the moment the Watch is an extension to the iPhone (like an accessory), and it has to be in close proximity.

I guess they will be bringing out iOS9 out – they better hurry up getting the beta out to people like me so we can start developing on another exciting platform.

Over and out…